I am so excited about this post. Here is the ultimate guide how can we make lot of money. A strategy which will work for everybody. Whether he may be a standard member or a golden member. You can start from zero without investment or invest to speed up the process.
I am talking about the neobux PTC site and the tips which you can generate lot of cash. Some people say we can not earn from ptc site but with right strategy it is easy.
Only thing, you need to spend some time with it, to generate a nice income.

Follow the steps below to start earning :
1. Sign up from here or the banner above and click ads everyday.

2. Rent referrals when you have atleast 1,32$ per referral to rent and extend them.

2.5 Choose the size of the referral pack you can afford but be quick.

3. Complete offers for coins and save them till 100,000 and convert them for 170$ .

3.5 Save the coins from offers till 100,000 and convert to 170$ and cash out or grow.

4. Complete  Mini Jobs when they are available.

4.5 Lots of Mini Jobs can be done sometimes and this can help grow your account faster.

5. Click all adprize to win golden membership or cash .

AdPrize is like a little jackpot or a lottery. By seeing Ads you get chances to play AdPrize, normally 4 although at the moment of writing this article you get 5 chances per Ad due to a promotion, promotions are not uncommon in Neobux.

Adprize from Neobux is a great way to win cash and great rewards while you are already earning. You are awarded for activity. Something that most other sites don't care about or pay attention to.

If we really want earn good money without investing, we have to get direct referrals. I made some great tips that gonna help you out. Read more about them down below.

6. Get some direct referrals focus on getting traffic.

Use these programs for lot of free traffic to your links.

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As we know neobux is a ptc site which pays you by clicking the ads. But no one can get rich soon by clicking the ads because everyday if you click 10 ads your earning might be $0.010. This is what you can expect from neobux as a standard member. But there is a strategy which really work for neobux to multiply your earning.
So, have some patience. Do not worry initially how much your earning will be. Just come to know how you can convert your small cents into dollars.

Now get ready for neobux strategy. As we all know that ptc site is a game of referrals. If you do not have referrals, then it is very hard to make money from it.

There are 3 kinds of referrals

1- direct referrals
2- purchased referrals
3- rented referrals

Rented referrals are those referrals for which you have to rent them with certain amount of money for a limited time.

So, here I am talking about neobux rented referrals. Neobux ptc site has a rented referral program. that means you can rent neobux unrefereed active members for a limited time again you can extend them with renewal process.

Neobux strategy work with its rented referrals.
so, lets start before that give a look below regarding how much you can earn from your referral's click
See below the amount you earn per click and each of your direct referral's click, your rented referral's click depending on the type of membership you have and type of the exposed advertisement.

Obviously rented referral's click will earn you more money. For rented referral's you have to pay the certain amount of money for limited period of time. Again you have to renew them before the period expires.

Rented referrals are the active members. If some of the rented referrals became inactive for 4 or 5 days then there is an option to recycle them to get active members. For each rented referral cost you $0.20. Do not worry you do not have to spend it from your pocket. 
You just read the strategy and you will be able to understand.

Find out your server time to click the 4 orange ads in neobux everyday. server time is important because according to the neobux terms of service 3.7 if you did not click the ads in server time you will not be credited your referral's earning.

That means you will not get your referral's commission if you did not click your ads in server time. Today your referral's commission depends on your yesterday click on the orange fixed advertisements at server time.

Apart from clicking 4 orange ads, you can click other available ads, because if you click one ad, you will earn $0.001 to $0.01, and one neopoint with 3 adprizes. Sometimes adprizes will help you to win cash, neopoint or a golden membership.

Also you can try to complete the offers to earn cash, neopoints and neocoins. Neopoints will help you to manage your rented referrals and neocoins will be converted into cash

After log in to the neobux just click the view advertisements, then you will find a image above. Here in left side, you will get your ad reset time and right side the current server time.

In ad reset time, advertisements will be added to your account.

but you have to check your current server time. Right now it is 8.16. It will continue upto 24 hours.

After 24.00 it will again start from 0.00, so the time it starts from 0.00, then your sever time starts. so you can click the ads after 0.00 . Better you can watch one day when your server time reach 0.00 then at that time see what is your local time. Remember it and everyday you can click at that time.
Another way to know your server time. Just click your user name in neobux

This is the rented referral screen when you have rented referrals you should manage them and recyle the bad clickers for 0,07$ to keep the account stable.

Always extend your rented refferals for 240 days because it offers 30% discount.

When you keep getting more and more referrals you will see your balance increase faster.

 Neobux has 2 different balances :
 Left balance is for instant cashouts one of the best things about neobux.
 Rental balance is to rent and extend your referrals.

I hope somebody learned something and if you have anymore questions make sure to ask them in the comment section below.