If you are tired of the so many fake money earning opportunities out there promising 6 figures income daily and you want to do some real work online anytime you have the chance, ClowdFlower mini jobs are just for you. And on the top of that, you can turn this later into a residual income if you want, and then you can stop doing them, but you will still earn.

The available Mini Jobs are easy to do assignments and the more you work, the higher your reward will be by the bonus system. A great solution for ordinary people as no special skills necessary to earn side income with, perfect for mums with babies or anybody with some spare time at home (using just a computer and internet connection) instead of having a physical second job.

– no job interviews to attend, no job seeking, no travelling to the side job, no specific time to start working, no being late from work, no annoying colleagues, no boss around, and the payment is instant, request it when you need it or want it, you just do it with a cup of tea or coffee from the comfort of your home whenever you want, as many hours you want.

The objective of the available Mini Jobs are to solve problems ranging from data collection and product categorization to business lead verification, content generation / modification and academic research. If you only do Mini jobs, nothing else in case you are unemployed or you just have plenty of spare time it is possible to make over $15 every day.


In case you are working in Neobux, to get access to the available Mini Jobs you only need to use the “Offers” button, select “Mini Jobs” and choose any that seems interesting to you. Mini Jobs are presented by CrowdFlower which is a crowdsourcing platform, offering you money in return.

 SIGN UP HEREAfter you have chosen the Mini Job you wish to do, you can see again how much you will be paid per completed task and right next to it you can be informed about the percentage of your accuracy. Detailed instructions about what exactly your work will be are available on screen and it may be required to answer some questions in a training mode before you are able to start working for money. I advise you to follow carefully the instructions not give random answers.

 SIGN UP HEREYou can see the number of Correct Questions needed to be passed and the number of Total Questions but Quiz Mode bar. With my Task here, it is 7/10. That means I must have at least 7 correct answers to pass and be accepted to work in this Job. You can always escape a Job by clicking on Give up.

 SIGN UP HEREMini Job in NeoBux has three levels. By default, you are a non-level contributor when start working on Mini Job. A non-level contributor will have some available Jobs of Level 1.When you catch Minimum Requirements of Level 1, there are more jobs for you.
When you catch Minimum Requirements of Level 2, you can do Jobs of Level 1 and Level 2.
Level 3 is the highest one and you can do Jobs of all three levels.
Here are the Minimum Requirement Standards for three levels.

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This is first and very important factor in Mini Job.
When you complete a Task, Accuracy of a Job is counted, like this.

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Each Mini Job has one or many Tasks. The price you see is the price paid for a Task (not for Job). Accuracy of a Job is the summary of Total Task’s accuracy you complete.
The accuracy 70%, 80%, 85% in Minimum Requirement Standards above is Total Accuracy. Total Accuracy is the average of all completed Tasks’s accuracy.
You can see your Total Accuracy by login CrowdFlower with this link: https://tasks.crowdflower.com/dashboard

(Or login CrowdFlower > click on your Username > Dashboard).

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This is the number of different Jobs. With Level 1, you have to work on at least 5 different Jobs. With Level 2 and Level 3, you must work on at least 10 different Jobs.
This is about different Jobs, not completed Jobs. The Jobs you work on maybe not completed yet but it is counted still.
You can see the number of Jobs you have worked on in Dashboard.


In Mini Job you are going to be familiar with these concepts: Jobs, Tasks, Questions.

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Each Task has one or many Questions.
The price is paid for each Task (not Job).
The third factor of Minimum Requirements is you have to complete at least 100 Questions. 
It’s same for all three level badges you can earn.

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